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EUREKA Joint call

All participants of the EUREKA Innovation Event are invited to send their project idea to EUREKA by using the Project Outline template. Download the template and describe your ideas. National and technical EUREKA experts will be present at the Event to discuss your idea and assist with specific information about funding opportunities. Send the Project outline before 15 January, 2015 to projects@eurekanetwork.org. You will get a recommendation as soon as possible on the most suitable instrument for your idea and the corresponding procedure to submit a full proposal. 


The Member Countries of the Eureka Umbrella PRO-FACTORY-PLUS: Hungary, Finland, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and Turkey commonly announce to provide assistance to project partners during project proposal, evaluation and monitoring phase.

Eligible partners are invited to present joint outlines for market-oriented, innovative R&D projects with focus to the following domains:

  • Flexible production
  • Mechatronics and Sensors for Smart Production
  • Resource efficient production
  • Automation Engineering and Factory Automation
  • Production Processes and Machine Tools for Lightweight Components
  • Smart and Sustainable Manufacturing Processes
  • Smart Manufacturing Equipment

Download outline template


Supportive Measures

  • The involved PRO-FACTORY-PLUS Member Countries assist their project initiators providing formal and general comments about the technical content .
  • The National Project Coordinators from the involved PRO-FACTORY-PLUS Member Countries assists project partners in questions of funding rules.
  • PRO-FACTORY-PLUS Experts will facilitate the identification of project partners within academia as well as among industry partners. PRO-FACTORY-PLUS is cooperating with Enterprise Europe Network, with national clusters and other national experts and points of contact.
  • The outlines will be screened by experts from PRO-FACTORY-PLUS, submitting partners will be notified of the results within the shortest possible timeframe after the submission (about 2-3 weeks). Partners with approved outlines will be recommended to submit their full applications.
  • PRO-FACTORY-PLUS will provide support to this end.
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